Don’t come at me with that “I miss you” bullshit. Before you even think about saying that, think about how long you have been “missing” me. If you been missing me for more than a week then how come you didn’t make any effort to try to get in contact with me? Was I supposed to read your mind and contact you? Hell no! My name ain’t Miss Cleo even though we share the same birthday. You’re busy? You have a life? Fuck the bullshit. I have a life that’s being fully lived but I damn sure will make time to try to get in touch with you to show you or let your know I’ve been thinking of you. Don’t blame it on your phone either, because you also have access to all the social networks. You sent me friend request on all of them. You see me online on all of them, yet you still didn’t say anything… because you’re busy? No, you just didn’t want to. No, if you really missed me and really cared you would have tried. Trying and failing is better than nothing. But you did nothing. And the nothing you did pulls more weight than the words “I miss you” and any other rendition of those words that might have the same connotation.