Why do you feel like you need the approval? Why can’t you just write whatever emotion: good, bad, happy, sad, frustrated, lustful, hateful, disappointment, love, grief, anger then let it be on the screen or on the paper? How come you wait for responses? Why don’t you write for yourself? Write out all your fears, accomplishments, failures, disappointments? Why do you keep searching for this dialogue? Why is it so important for you to get feedback from others? How come you can’t give yourself feedback? What’s the big deal and who cares what anyone has to say about your writings? You want people to be able to relate to your shit, why don’t you just be comfortable in relating to yourself? What ever words you write and how you write them, will reach the spirits and souls. You don’t have to put out a newspaper headline READ ALL ABOUT IT, PRETTY PLEASE every time you write something. Shouldn’t writing be one of your therapies and grounding exercises for you to reflect on and to get better at for you. Take a risk and say everything you feel like fuckin’ saying. Don’t expect an audience, just write. There is so much in that head and heart of yours, but your scared of rejection and praise. You’re just all fucked up. You want the praise but then once you get a small crumb, you shy away from it. Humble? or just afraid of your greatness. Are you trying to get published? Is that your goal? Is that what you were created to do? If so, then what the hell are you waiting for? Writing, whether for money or personal pleasure, is in your bones and blood. There’s nothing you can do to escape it. Cry all the tears you want but this is the revelation you needed. Accept it and start writing. And what’s up with you using I so much.It’s annoying