Ugh I abhor inconsistency. Someone needs to nip this behavior in the bud.

Don’t flirt with someone you know you don’t think twice about

it’s not fucking cool

every time

this happens every time

and i fall in the damn ditch every time

you either like me

will be honest about it

in a clear and concise way

or you will leave me alone

I’d take the initiative

but every time I try

I get the ever so consistent ignore

it may not feel like anything to you

but to me, it’s like an explosion

ready to burst if you come near

with your fuck ass

emoticons and flirty

messages that mean shit 

how do you ignore something

you still care about?

just look at the phone

delete the number

fight the urge to call

take an initiative to forget

the memory of what was

and what we coulda had

how do you attract genuine love?

think positive

chant a mantra

hand mudras

be risky

think with your head 

not your heart

cry me a river

tell them the truth

be honest

don’t be a fool

say it with your chest

how do you say it

with your chest

when your audience

consistently doesn’t listen