I haven’t felt grounded since Dec. 21, 2012

My sleep pattern is all off

who cares if my class today is at 3:30pm 

I’m typing this at 6:43 am

Maybe I’m up like this because 

my nap turned into rest 

I don’t buy that excuse though

there has to be something else going on

and when I do sleep

I wake up too many times

just randomly

then back to sleep again

it’s weird

haven’t been able

to focus or dive into

meditation as easily

as I use too

which is frustrating

all these changes happening

so fast without a warning

I want to be my real, true self

every day, all day

show appreciation and love

to everyone in my life

bless them with kind words and gestures

I’ve always been disgustingly positive 

and optimistic but this is just tragic now

How can you say you meditate

when you can’t even feel the

same familiar, sweet sensation 

clearing your mind and falling 

deeper in your heart?

There has to be something

HIGHER going on